Sharepoint Design

Designed the layout, color scheme, logo and all corporate identity for this site. I created it in Sharepoint Designer.

Sharepoint Design

Created this clean design for this helpdesk ticket service using SharePoint 2013. This website contains many javascript features and I created the color scheme, corporate identity, and all the CSS styling.

Complete Design

Created this simple CSS3 and JavaScript page with a colorful artistic theme. Search optimization was key, so I paid close attention to the use of metadata for these pages.

FAQ Page Design

Designed this FAQ page over a three week sprint. I incorporated many JavaScript and Bootstrap features for a clean simple look that improved the customers experience.

Stock Image Inventory

During our Agile/Scrum Sprint, I created a Stock Image repository that housed all the images we had collected and purchased over the years. This page was made in Sharepoint 2010 for our DCPAS Intranet. It has thousands of images and is searchable by keyword.

Sharepoint Design

For one of our two week Agile/Scrum Sprint sessions, I designed the homepage for MyDCPAS mainly adding six buttons. I designed the buttons keeping in mind the corporate identity and colors. I imported the HTML into Sharepoint to link the buttons to the correct pages, forms, or emails.

Password Policy Form

During a three week Agile/Scrum sprint session, I redesigned the password policy form geared for an improved user experience. The manual entry was replaced with simple sliders and incorporated custome javascript and CSS.

HTML5/CSS3 Design

Click on my logo above to see an HTML5/CSS3 page from a large website that I designed and created. I created this website, color, and corporate identity.

HTML5/CSS3 Design

Designed the layout, color scheme, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for this website. IEPO is the Policy office for CEW. After my design for IEPO, CEW liked it so much they used the design and layout for their own website!

Flash Design

This team wanted an interactive website with a considerable amount of action. I thought Flash and Actionscript 2.0 would be a perfect fit. I chose images and color that matched their corporate identity. This website has action on every page and features rollovers, scrollers, action buttons, and action images.

CSS redesign

Our DoDHRInfo websites had many pages that had very little CSS styling. These pages needed completely redone with some CSS2/CSS3 additions. Shadows, rounded corners, new web fonts, and gradients were just a few of the additions. Above is a before and after of my CSS2 and CSS3 styling.

CSS redesign

The link image above is a logo redesign I did for e-Business Center. Clicking the logo takes you to one of the many redesigned pages I did for eBusiness Center. This redesign was a calendar for a conference center with seals, shadows, and shading.