Corporate Identity

I was given the chance to make a complete corporate redesign of EOE. In the link is a new information website, letterhead and envelope, and a folder design with the new logo I created.

JNET Redesign

JNet needed several large posters and displays to promote the new design of their website. Above is one example I created to show the older JNet website peeling away and the new site showing.

G-8 Trading Cards

For Army G-8, I created giveaways that were a part of the popular marketing campaign, Faces of Strength. This giveaway used testimonials from Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

G-8 Shadowbox

This Pentagon E-ring Shadowbox was created with the Soldiers and their families in mind. Each family member has a picture of one of their family members who is a Soldier.

AUSA Giveaway

I created this Army G-8 giveaway for the AUSA convention. This piece has a four-color cover, interactive CD, and information about the Army G-8 directorate.

AUSA Convention

This large display was designed for the AUSA convention. I introduced bright colors into the display. Notice the brilliant reds, oranges, blues, and the yellow paint swashes on the top and bottom of the display.

E-Ring POsters

About Portfolio

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This is one of eight very large posters in the E-ring of the Pentagon. They represent who Army G-8 is, with images of equipment molded into the faces of the Soldiers showing that Army G-8 gets equipment for the Soldier.

G-8 Giveaways

Some of my designs were liked so much they were reused in things like giveaways. This giveaway uses a design I did from an AUSA convention

Large Poster

This is another large poster that promotes the Soldier. This work was reused on several occasions for different conventions.

G-8 Banner

I made this banner to promote the changes I made on the G-8 website. My additions are the Brochure used as the official strategic communication, graphic design in the middle, and the tag line "Soldiers as Our Centerpiece" used on the website.


Made this banner for the Social Security advocate group, NCPSSM as a promotional piece for the website. The banner is supposed to show money going into Social Secruity and then going to the receipients.

Next Strategy Banner

Created a Next Strategy banner to promote what projects we designed and maintained. The banner has an American flag theme due to the D.C. location, our client base, and patriotism.